Packaging Customisation

Have you considered packaging customisation with an offline coding system? You can save pack costs by customising your primary and secondary packaging with product-specific information using thermal inkjet or thermal transfer print technology.

Print Product Information on Generic Packaging

If you supply a range of products in similar packaging, you can save cost by purchasing generic packaging that you customise for specific products. Our offline feeding systems are used by a number of customers for printing product-specific information on blister cards, pouches, sleeves, cartons and even outer trays and cases. With a thermal inkjet or thermal transfer printer, you can print barcodes, product names, detailed information and even some basic graphics. You can also use a labeller for applying pre-printed or print and apply labels.

There are a number of reasons why you might choose an offline system for customising generic packaging:

  • One system for feeding and printing different types and sizes of packaging – e.g. a range of carton sizes
  • Flexibility to print small batches and large quantities
  • The ability to customize packaging in required quantities on a just-in-time basis
  • Standalone system with no impact on main production
  • The ability to add a range of different printers for handling different types of packaging
  • The feeding system can also be used for applying labels – either using with a print and apply system or for pre-printed labels.

Packaging Customisation Equipment

udaFORMAXX ‘i’ Sleeve and Carton Feeder

The udaFORMAXX sleeve and carton feeder gives you the ability to feed and print a range of flat-form packaging: sleeves, cartons, pouches, skillets, paper bags and blister cards. It adjusts for different pack sizes so can be used to feed and print or label a range of packaging.

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udaFORMAXX ‘c’ Sleeve and Carton Feeder

The udaFORMAXX ‘C’ is a broad belt conveyor version of the popular udaFORMAXX sleeve and carton feeder. It is ideal for sleeves, cartons and pouches where the full surface are needs to be available to print. It can also be used for some outer cases and trays.

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Thermal Inkjet Coders

Thermal inkjet is a high-speed, low-maintenance option that gives you a high quality, retail-ready print. With new inks now available it is suitable for porous and non-porous surfaces. When integrated with the udaFORMAXX feeding system, it gives you the flexibility print text, numbers, bar codes, 2D codes and even graphics.

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ttPRINT Inline

Thermal transfer is a great option for barcode printing. It offers a large print area making it suitable for printing detailed product information and description. Thermal transfer technology relies on contact with the pack. Throughput will be lower than with thermal inkjet.

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udaFORMAXX and Label Applicator

The udaFORMAXX feeding system can be fitted with either a print and apply labeller or a label applicator for pre-printed labels. These can be used for applying product-specific labels to sleeves, cartons, paper bags and pouches.

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