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alphaJET Industrial Inkjet Printers

German-engineered alphaJET industrial inkjet printers are suitable for printing on packaged goods and manufactured products. The range includes coloured ink printers, advanced models and high-speed printers for specialist applications. All alphaJET industrial inkjet printers are IP65 rated for demanding production environments.

If you need something in a hurry, we may be able to help you with a rental printer. We offer a rebate of up to 8 weeks’ rental if you decide to purchase new machinery from us. Please contact us on 01962 761761 for more information and availability.

alphaJET Industrial Inkjet Range

alphaJET into Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printer

The alphaJET into is the mid-range printer in the alphaJET CIJ range. It is suitable for industrial applications, retail packaging and high-speed production. Print date codes, batch codes, barcodes, 2D codes and logos. Available for dye-based and pigmented inks.

alphaJET evo Specialist Continuous Inkjet Printer

The alphaJET evo, is a specialist CIJ designed for advanced printing applications. It prints up to 8 lines with 48 vertical drops.

alphaJET pico Small Character Continuous Inkjet Printer

With its 42 µm nozzle, the alphaJET pico small character inkjet prints at high resolution even at its micro print height of 0.7-10mm. The pico also offers high-speed printing at 695 m/minute (at 2.5mm character width).

alphaJET tempo High-Speed Continuous Inkjet Printer

The alphaJET tempo high-speed continuous inkjet printer(CIJ) keeps pace with your fast line speed, delivering reliable print at speeds of up to 600 m/min (5 x 5 matrix).


alphaJET Inkjet Brochure

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