Sleeve & Carton Labelling

With a udaFORMAXX and label applicator you can quickly and accurately apply pre-printed or print and apply labels to sleeves, cartons, cards and pouches.

Fast, Accurate Sleeve and Carton Labelling

With the udaFORMAXX, you have a ready-to-go option for replacing hand labelling of your sleeves or cartons. The modular design makes it easy to add a label applicator in addition to (or instead of) a printer.

The carton feeding machine separates packs from a stack and feeds them past the integrated labeller. A sensor picks up the edge of the pack and ensures that the applicator applies labels exactly where you want them on every pack. What’s more, you can expect to label around 200-300 packs per minute – depending on the size and shape of your sleeve or carton.

You can use a standard label applicator for pre-printed labels. Or you can fit a print and apply label applicator for late stage customisation with more detailed product information.

Why use the udaFORMAXX for Sleeve and Carton Labelling

  • Modular design lets you add a label applicator and printer
  • Suitable for pre-printed or print and apply labellers
  • Save time by coding and labelling in one pass
  • Easy to adjust label head position for different pack sizes
  • Counter ensures you only label what you need
  • Fast and accurate

udaFORMAXX Flexibility

udaFORMAXX sleeve and carton feeders give you lots of options for high-speed coding or labelling away from the main production line.  You can add a choice of printers and labellers for date and batch printing as well as high resolution linear bar code and 2D code printing. With the addition of a vision system, you can also inspect code or label placement and accuracy.