Engineered Part Marking

Print machine and human readable text on almost any substrate. Print alphanumeric text, 1D barcodes and 2D codes for part identification and tracking through the production process and supply chain.

Engineered Part Marking with Continuous Inkjet

While there are a number of print and etching technologies available, the majority of the direct part marking projects that we work on are for continuous inkjet.  With continuous inkjet printing, you can print directly on almost any substrate – even where the surface is curved or uneven. You can also print in a selection of opaque colours for maximum contrast.

UV curable inks and fuel-resistant inks can be used for parts and components that are subject to exposure to chemicals. There are also inks available for surface-treated metal.

  • Print a combination of machine and human readable data
  • Variety of black and opaque coloured inks
  • Multiple connectivity options for integration with production equipment
  • Print high quality linear bar codes and 2D datamatrix codes for part traceability
  • Wide range of process-specific inks available (including UV flourescing; fuel resistant; wash-off)

Printing Machine Readable Part Codes

Electronically generated codes let you print part-specific information in a simple format for reliable verification and part traceability. These can be in a 1D linear bar code or 2D data matrix code.

Manufacturers are increasingly using 2D data matrix codes because of the ability to encode a larger amount of data. It is also a more robust coding format; datamatrix codes are readable in any orientation and there is no risk of misreading.

Recommended continuous inkjet printers for part marking:

alphaJET INTO Advanced CIJ

The alphaJET into continuous inkjet (CIJ) is a versatile printer that will take you from printing simple alphanumeric text all the way through to precision data matrix coding, with a wide range of inks available. The stainless steel housing is IP65 rated, ensuring performance and longevity even in harsh, high-humidity and dusty production environments.

alphaJET EVO Specialist CIJ

The alphaJET evo is an advanced inkjet coder that prints up to 8 lines of high resolution text, numbers or graphics. The removable touchscreen display gives you more flexibility for integration into existing machinery. Wide range of specialist inks available.

alphaJET PICO Micro-Print CIJ

The alphaJET pico prints tiny fonts, bar codes and 2d data matrix codes with excellent readability. Print height 0.7- 10 mm. Maximum speed 695m/minute.