Industrial Manufacturing

We can help you with robust coding equipment for marking metal, plastic, rubber and other substrates for product identification for sourcing, inventory tracking, brand protection and safety.

  • Replace manual marking processes
  • Print 1D codes, 2D codes, text and logos
  • IP65 printers for tough production conditions
  • Range of coloured inks for differentiation
  • Print on curved or uneven surfaces with non-contact continuous inkjet printers
  • Special process inks that stand up to post manufacturing treatments and rub or scratch testing

Coding and marking equipment for industrial manufacturing applications

alphaJET EVO Advanced CIJ

The alphaJET evo is an advanced inkjet coder that prints up to 8 lines of high resolution text, numbers or graphics. Wide range of specialist inks available. The removal touchscreen display gives you more flexibility for integration into existing machinery.

alphaJET INTO Mid-Range CIJ

The alphaJET into continuous inkjet (CIJ) is a versatile printer that will take you from printing simple alphanumeric text all the way through to precision data matrix coding, with a wide range of inks available.

alphaJET PICO Micro-Print CIJ

The alphaJET pico prints tiny fonts, bar codes and 2d data matrix codes with excellent readability. Print height 0.7- 10 mm. Maximum speed 695m/minute,

hpdSYSTEM vario Hot Foil Printer

The hpdSYSTEM vario hot foil printer is capable of up to 1000 prints per minute. With standard dimensions it can often be fitted to an existing hot foil coder mount.