Sleeve, Blister Card & Carton Coding

We can help you with a range of printers and carton feeding machines for accurate date, batch and barcode printing on sleeves, cartons and blister cards.

  • Print date codes and batch numbers on food packaging
  • Print linear barcodes with batch and product details
  • Overprint generic packaging with product details
  • Print inline with continuous inkjet or thermal inkjet
  • Code packs off-line with sleeve and carton feeders
  • Deboss lot codes and date codes with hot foil printers
  • Print 2D codes and alphanumeric text on medical and pharmaceutical cartons

“With the accurate print positioning provided by the sleeve and carton coding system, we were able to guarantee high quality codes. This meant practically zero wastage – which was another cost saving.”

Packing and Despatch Manager Value-add Meats Manufacturer

Recommended coding equipment for sleeves, cartons and blister cards

Sleeve and Carton Feeders

You can use udaFORMAXX sleeve and carton feeders for fast, accurate off-line coding. Use with thermal inkjet, continuous inkjet, thermal transfer or hot foil. Ideal for coding sleeves, cartons, blister cards and some pouches.

alphaJET MONDO Basic CIJ

The alphaJET mondo continuous inkjet is ideal for printing date codes and batch details on a wide range of packaging. It can print up to 5 lines. The printer is available with black ink as well as a limited range of coloured and food-grade inks.

betaJET Verso TIJ

The betaJET verso thermal inkjet is well suited to printing alphanumeric text, linear barcodes and 2D codes. You can use thermal inkjet for varnished or unvarnished surfaces.

hpdSYSTEM vario Hot Foil Printer

The hpdSYSTEM vario hot foil printer is capable of up to 1000 prints per minute. With standard dimensions it can often be fitted to an existing hot foil coder mount. You can use the vario with different coloured ribbons or without ribbon for debossing.

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