Date and Batch Coding Bottles for E-Liquids Company

Published17th December, 2015

E-liquid Bottles
Nictel is a fast-growing British company manufacturing premium e-liquids for electronic cigarettes. The company carries out the complete development, testing, manufacture, filling and packing process of all of its e-liquids at its Merseyside factory. It is using an alphaJET mondo inkjet coder from PrintSafe to print batch codes and date codes on bottle caps.

Date and Batch Code on E-Liquid BottleNictel produces 50,000 bottles of e-liquid a week in a variety of strengths and more than 40 different flavours. Once the bottles have been filled and capped, they pass through a labelling machine that applies the product label. Once labelled, the bottles move past an inkjet coder that prints a batch code and date code on the bottle cap.

When setting up the company, Nictel Director Christelle Hart wanted to ensure that it was able to produce the best quality e-liquids. She says: “We carry out every stage ourselves, from developing and testing new flavours, all the way through to labelling and packing. Our machinery is state of the art.”

Labelling company, ALS, recommended PrintSafe to Nictel as a company that would be able to supply good quality coding equipment and support Nictel in setting the equipment up in production.

PrintSafe Account Manager, Gareth Williams, explains why the alphaJET mondo was the right choice of inkjet: “The mondo is the entry-level inkjet in the alphaJET range and very easy to use. It prints up to five lines so was easily capable of printing the 2-line date and batch code. The minimum print height of just 2mm was plenty small enough for printing on the bottle cap.”

Before installing the inkjet coder, PrintSafe printed a number of test samples to check ink adhesion and print quality. Integration into the label applicator was very simple with the inkjet head positioned over a short run of conveyor just after the applicator.

Christelle Hart says: “We liked the touchscreen on the alphaJET mondot was very easy to learn how to create and save messages. To change messages we just need to tap on a couple of icons on the screen itself.”

Christelle adds: “It’s almost the last step in the process, but without the date and batch code, our e-liquids can’t go out of the door. We need a reliable printer that is easy for operators to use. We’re very happy with the alphaJET mondo and the service provided by PrintSafe.”

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