Coding from A-Z…

Published19th January, 2018

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Date and batch codes might seem ‘unassuming’ but they are vital for compliance, traceability, manufacturer and consumer information. You can print a simple, but important, use-by date in alphanumeric text. Or you can store more detailed product data in a linear or 2D code.

We’ve been looking at all of the different substrates our customers are putting codes on using KBA-Metronic printers. It’s not quite an A to Z but it’s not far off:

Aerosol cans; Bags; Bearings; Blister packs; Bottles; Boxes; Break pads; Cards; Cable; Cartons; Coffee jars; Compressor wheels; Components; Concrete blocks; Dip pots; E-liquid bottles; Fans; Glass; Hangers; Ice cream tubs; Jars; Labels; Lottery tickets; Optic fibre; Parachutes; Plant pots; Pipes; Pouches; Skillets; Seed packets; Silicone cable; Sleeves; Springs; Transmission belts; Trays; Vials; V-belts; Windows; Wire; Yoghurt pots

No  xylophones or zips…

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