Date Code and Batch Printing

Choose from a wide range of coding technologies for printing date codes, batch numbers, bar codes, 2D codes or other variable data on your products or packaging.

From component marking to food packaging printing, our date code and batch printing equipment is used by companies throughout the UK and Ireland to print batch numbers, expiry dates and other unique product identification details on a whole host of different substrates.

Print Date Codes and Batch Numbers on Your Packaging

Date Code and Batch Printing on CartonYou may want to print a simple one line date code. Or maybe you need to print a bar code, batch number of full ingredients information.  The range of print technologies available gives you plenty of options.

For simple date codes or batch numbers, an entry-level continuous inkjet printer may be the perfect choice. If black ink isn’t suitable, we can supply a printer with coloured or specialist inks – including UV readable and edible inks.

You can also print date codes, linear bar codes or 2D codes with a thermal transfer printer or thermal inkjet printer.  Your printer choice will be determined by your substrate, print requirements and your production process.

Print Batch Codes and Product Identification on Parts and Components

Date Code and Batch Printing White Ink on ComponentPerhaps you need to print a production date, batch number, 2D code or other details on plastic or metal components. As long as you have some product movement in place (a conveyor, a traverse system or simple sliding table) you can achieve a clear, permanent print.

Continuous inkjet provides non-contact printing for curved or textured surfaces. Black print stands out on metal and pale plastic. Light grey, white and light blue inks are also popular for darker substrates.

Hot foil printing and laser marking also offer cost and quality benefits depending on your print and production needs.

Suggested Printers for Date Code and Batch Printing

Continuous Inkjet Printers

alphaJET continuous inkjet printers offer simplicity and reliability. All printers have icon touchscreens and IP65 rating. Print 1-8 lines. Line speed up to 1300 m/min.

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Thermal Inkjet Coders

Thermal inkjet gives you a flexible coding method that is fast and reliable. The high-resolution print is suitable for linear bar codes, 2D codes and symbols as well as text and numbers.

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Thermal Transfer Printers

ttPRINT thermal transfer overprinters for high resolution coding. Print variable data, bar codes, images and text on flexible packaging.

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Hot Foil Printers

Hot foil printers are a reliable, low-maintenance option for managing your simple date and batch coding needs. Choose from three different options.

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Laser Coding Systems

KBA-Metronic iCon and K-1000 laser coding systems for high resolution coding with minimal maintenance and no consumables.

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