When Colour Matters

Published22nd February, 2018

When you need to print on different coloured substrates, how can you avoid having to print with different coloured inks?

Black stands out well on white. White stands out well on black. But what if you also need to print on other colours? And what if you only want to use one printer?

We’ve recently run some ink tests for a customer that needs to print on lots of different colours with one printer – using one colour. The challenge; to find an ink that is clear and legible on all substrates.

Often, we would look at a yellow or light blue ink, but in this instance pink and orange shine bright.

600x420 Coloured Bottle Caps with Sample Code

Of course, colour is not the only consideration. The ink also needs to adhere to the substrate. And it needs to stand up to the product environment and processes.

KBA-Metronic alphaJET inks are available in a wide variety of colours and in formulations for specific applications.

We have customers that use a highly pigmented ink for coding on silicone cable. Other customers print in UV-readable ink for printing a code that isn’t normally visible to the human eye. We have customers that print in light grey on white, black and dark grey. Others print in light blue on white and black.

Ultimately ink choice will depend on a combination of factors: product design, substrate, corporate branding, packaging style, production environment, production speed…the list goes on.

If you have something that you need to code, we would be very happy to provide some print samples for you. You can get in touch through sales@printsafe.co.uk or you can complete our sample request form and we will give you a call.