Date Codes on Bottle Caps for Hunter’s Brewery

Published15th July, 2016

Date Codes on Bottle Caps for Hunter's Brewery

“Thanks again for all your help, we bottled until 1:00 a.m. but we got it all done”

Hunter’s Brewery is a family-run microbrewery in Devon. It has been crafting high quality bottle-conditioned ales since 2008 and supplies beers throughout the South West.

When the brewery’s old inkjet broke down it was unable to run its bottling line. Owner, Paul Walker called PrintSafe and we were able to get a printer to Devon and installed that same day. This quick turnaround got Hunter’s up and bottling again within just a few hours.

We installed an alphaJET into small character inkjet to print date codes in black on the bottle caps as the beer bottles move down the bottling line.

You can find out more about the alphaJET into small character inkjet coder here.

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