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Expiry Date Printing for German Chocolate Company

The alphaJET evo is clean and reliable. Thanks to its low emission values, it is ideally suitable for use in a food environment.

Petra Myer Operations Manager

KBA-Metronic alphaJET inkjets are used worldwide for coding and marking a wide variety of products and packaging.

Chocolate company, Storz, manufactures chocolate figures in all shapes and sizes in its state of the art factory. As well as the recognisable ladybird and bee characters, it produces Easter products, Christmas products and promotional chocolates.


Each individual foil-wrapped chocolate has a date code, printed with an alphaJET evo inkjet. The company has a number of these printers, all on purpose-built mobile trolleys, for printing onto the different runs of foil.

The alphaJET evo inkjets print at 90° to the run of foil. They deliver a neat, small character code using inks certified for use with packaging that comes into direct contact with food. The company has printers with coloured and black inks so that every code stands out clearly, whatever the foil colour.

Operators can move the inkjets very easily between production lines. The use of quick-mount print head brackets makes it easy to slide the print head into exactly the right position on each line. This approach provides flexibility at a much lower cost.

You can find out more about the alphaJET evo here