Keeping your udaFORMAXX Operators up to Speed

Published14th March, 2018

PrintSafe udaFORMAXX Operator Training Courses

We are delighted to announce our new udaFORMAXX Operator Training Course.

We have always provided operator training when installing our popular sleeve and carton feeding system. Now, we are offering all udaFORMAXX customers the option of a refresher course to bring your new operators up to speed and to make sure that your machine is still being used efficiently.

This is a 1/2 day session that we will deliver at your site. We can fit the training around your production schedule for minimal disruption. We can also deliver multiple sessions to cover all shifts.

Who the training is for

  • udaFORMAXX operators
  • Shift team leaders
  • Production supervisors
  • Factory engineers

What we cover

  • Best-practice for operating the udaFORMAXX feeder
  • Navigating the on-screen menu system
  • Set-up and changeover between product batches
  • Basic trouble-shooting
  • Tips and tricks for more efficient use

Tailored for you

Because this training is delivered at your site, we can tailor it to cover other topics relating to your specific production or coding requirements. We will run through the agenda ahead of time to make sure that we include everything you need.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service team on 01962 761761 or email