No More Wrong Codes

The scanner has been a relatively inexpensive way of removing human intervention for date code printing. It automates the date code format and shelf life allocation per product type or customer.  Designing out the risk of human error is an obvious benefit to any organisation. It’s easy to set up and use and as such, we would recommend to other companies.

Introducing the Code-Scan Handheld Scanner

With the Code-Scan handheld scanner, you can take a manual step out of your date code printing process – and significantly reduce the risk of printing the wrong code on your packs.

The scanner connects to your alphaJET or ICE printer to automate date and batch code message setup. It eliminates manual entry mistakes and speeds up batch changeover.

Operators no longer need access to the message editor. And there’s no uncertainty over offsets or message format. Simply scan the bar code on your primary packaging or job pack to load the correct message or message content.

Simplify Message Setup and Keep your Codes Safe

  • Removes manual entry requirement, helping towards compliance with customer codes of practice
  • Reduces the risk of fines and other costs from incorrect date codes or lot codes
  • Cuts setup time required for batch changeover
  • Reduces operator training requirement for new or temporary staff
  • Keeps your codes safe; operators don’t need access to the label editor, guaranteeing the integrity of your message store
  • Removes risk of confusion between similar packaging formats with critically different messages and offsets