Plant Label Overprinting

You will most often find a udaFORMAXX putting codes on folding cartons, sleeves or blister cards.

But as we head towards spring, you might also see the combined feeding and coding machine helping growers and nurseries make lighter work of overprinting plant labels and tags with dates, bar codes and grower numbers.

One of the many benefits of the udaFORMAXX is the flexibility it gives you to handle date, traceability and other variable data printing across different product lines or batches. It lets you scale up at busy times without the need for additional headcount.

Our plant nursery customers use the udaFORMAXX feeder with a continuous inkjet or thermal inkjet printer to overprint plant labels, carry handles and larger care cards. The print dries almost instantly resulting in a crisp print with no smudges.

The easy-to adjust in-feed is quick to set up for different shapes and sizes. The belt mechanism feeds the labels underneath a print head, with a sensor triggering the print so that is always in the right place.

The udaFORMAXX really comes into its own as a cost-effective way to scale up coding or labelling capacity at busy times – whether that’s on canape cartons in the lead up to Christmas, sleeves on curry meals for the weekend, or plant labels in Spring.

We bought the machine to automate the printing of date codes onto our customers’ labels, rather than sticking labels on by hand.  There was a clear cost benefit saving and pay back for the machinery was just over a year.

Mark T Wholesale Nursery

You can find out more about the udaFORMAXX here

If you would like some print samples, please get in touch on 01962 761761 and we will be very happy to help.