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Printing Plant Passports

On 14th December 2019, new EU regulations will come into force that require all plants for planting, that are being moved in trade around the EU (including the UK), to have a Plant Passport to travel.

As part of this requirement, all individual ‘trade units’ must have a plant passport physically attached to them.

Of course, at present there is still uncertainty as to the UK’s position in the EU at the point the regulation comes into force. The HTA is providing regular updates and will provide further information in the event of a no deal Brexit.

What should the plant passport look like?

The plant passport should include the following:

  • Upper left corner: the EU flag (colour or black and white)
  • Upper right corner: the word “Plant Passport“
  • “A“ + Genus and species
  • “B“ + ISO code of the Member State, Hyphen, phytosanitary Registration number (9 digits)
  • “C“ + Batch number or traceability code
  • “D“ + ISO code country of origin / production

It must be a square or a rectangle shape and clearly separated from any other written or pictorial content. There is no size specification other than that the text must be easy to read at a glance. It can be printed on a label alongside other information as long as it is defined by the border.

How can you apply the plant passport?

There are several ways that you can attach the plant passport to your product:

  • Print the passport on stock cards to be placed in the pot
  • Print the passport on an additional plant label to hang on the plant
  • Print a label to apply to the pot
  • Print the passport directly on the pot
  • Print the passport directly on the tray

Importantly, the passport must be applied to the smallest individual trading unit. This means that, for example, for plants sold at auction, traders can easily split the lot without requiring a new plant passport. You can also include an optional 2D code for machine readable traceability details.

Printing plant passports on pots

With a continuous inkjet printer, as seen in the video above, you can print the passport directly to each individual pot or tray. There is no risk of losing stock cards or of labels coming off.

The plant passport was printed on this pot with an alphaJET mondo continuous inkjet printer

Printing plant passports on stock cards and plant labels

With an offline coding system, you can print plant passports onto your standard stock cards, ready for insertion in pots or trays.

This label was printed on a udaFORMAXX feeding and coding system.

For more information and for print samples, please get in touch on 01962 761761 or you can email sales@printsafe.co.uk.