hpdSYSTEM vario Hot Foil Printer

Standard Dimensions for Easy Integration

The hpdSYSTEM vario hot foil printer offers speed and versatility, with all of the simplicity and print clarity of hot foil.

With standard dimensions and mountings, hpdSYSTEM vario hot foil printers can be integrated into just about any automated packaging or labelling machine. You may find that the hpdSYSTEM vario fits neatly onto your existing hot foil printer mounting, making it very easy to replace your older coder.

The print adheres to almost all substrates. It is smudge and scratch proof and often resistant to environmental factors.  You can choose from a wide variety of foil colours in a range of widths.

The hpdSYSTEM vario is designed for constant use day in, day out, and can deliver as many as 1000 prints per minute.

  • Up to 1000 prints/minute
  • Print area 30mm x 50mm
  • Exchange cassette minimizes setup time
  • Infinitely adjustable foil feed, temperature and printing time
  • Print sequence control
  • Standard dimensions for easy integration in existing machinery

Technical Specification


Print area
Up to 30 x 50 mm
Max 1000 prints/minute
Print time
20 x 2000 ms
Operating temperature
Printing pressure
580N at 6bar


Foil length
Foil diameter
2 - 30mm (infinitely variable)
Displays film end
Printer reset function


Vertical system dimensions
206 x 190 x 166 mm, H x W x T
Vertical system installation height
206 mm
Horizontal system dimensions
142 x 285 x 166 mm, H x W x T
Horizontal system installation height
142 mm
6.5 kg


Air connection
min. 4 – max. 6 bar, ø 6 mm
Compressed air consumption
ca. 0,16 l per printing cycle
Power requirements
24 V DC ± 10 %, 125 VA
Heating power
120 W