ttPRINT Inline

Easy Integration in Packaging and Labelling Machines

The ttPRINT ‘inline’ is designed for integration with packaging and labelling machines. It is available in continuous and intermittent models.

The IP65 version is ideal for dusty or wash-down environments. There’s no need for bulky, troublesome covers. Both the print head and control unit can be left in place during factory cleaning.  A specially developed cleaning cassette protects the print head.

  • Print speed up to 800 mm/s
  • Print area continuous mode: 53 / 107 / 128 x 3000 mm
  • Print area intermittent mode: 53 / 107 / 128 x max. 75 mm
  • Resolution 300 dpi
  • Available with IP65 control unit and 'cleaning cassette'