alphaJET Engineer & Operator Training

“The training provided was in depth and to a high standard. The training engineer was friendly and knowledgeable, and was more than happy to answer any questions over the period of the training.”
Ian AstonProcess Engineer

How about booking yourself or a team member onto one of our hands-on alphaJET inkjet training courses? By making sure that you are using best-practice when operating and maintaining your alphaJET printer, you will protect your people, your print quality and the longevity of your machine.

You can choose from one of our scheduled training courses here at PrintSafe, or we can deliver customised training at your site.

Scheduled Training Courses

Scheduled training courses are available throughout the year. The full day runs from 10am until 4pm and includes lunch. For 2-day courses we can also provide overnight accommodation. Delegates learn ‘by doing’ with fully operational printers in our dedicated inkjet training area.


Best-Practice Operation
(1/2 Day)
Inkjet Engineer
Level 1
(1- Day)
Inkjet Engineer
Level 2
Overview and operation      
Overview of the printer
Safe operation
Start-up and shutdown
Adjustment and configuration
Cleaning procedures
Fluid replenishment
Understanding the ink system      
Ink system operation
Electronics overview
Service screen routines
Modulation setup
Setup and maintenance      
Installation options
Advanced fault identification and fix
Jet alignment
Additional Q & A  ✔


Scheduled Training Course Dates*

6th March alphaJET Engineer Level 1
17-18th April alphaJET Engineer Level 2
15th May alphaJET Operator (1/2 Day)
19th June alphaJET Engineer Level 1
18th – 19th Sept alphaJET Engineer Level 2
9th October alphaJET Operator (1/2 day)
20-21 November alphaJET Engineer Level 2

All delegates will receive a training manual and certificate on completing the course.

*Dates subject to change and availability.

Bespoke Training Courses at Your Site

For onsite training courses you can choose to go with our standard agenda or we can cover specific topics relating to your production requirements. We will go through a training needs analysis with you ahead of time so that we can make sure the course content covers everything you need.

For more information and pricing, please contact our sales team on 01962 761761.