KBA-Metronic Inks

Next-day delivery of a wide range of KBA-Metronic inks. From standard black, to UV-readable and edible inks, there is an ink for just about every application.

We supply the full range of KBA-Metronic inks and associated solvents for alphaJET continuous inkjet printers. We hold the majority of ink types in stock for next day delivery (for orders before 2pm).

For new customers or new applications we run a full ink testing service to check clarity, adhesion and print quality. For most inks we can run the tests in our facility here at PrintSafe. For some of the more specialist inks, we will send your samples to KBA-Metronic for comprehensive testing.

If you are looking for a coloured print, we can provide you with samples in a range of colours so that you can select the best option for your substrate. One of our most popular inks is light blue PVC ink that shows up well on both dark and light substrates.

KBA-Metronic inks include: dye-based and pigmented inks in a range of colours; high-adhesion; UV readable; UV curing; edible; sterilsation resistant; colour change; thermochromic; water wash-off.

To order inks and solvents, please contact our AfterSales team on 01962 761761.

If you would like to request a print sample, please complete the form below and we will give you a call back to discuss your requirement in more detail. If you would like to speak to someone straightaway, please contact us on 01962 761761.

 Print Sample Service

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