Sleeve Coder is Spot-On for Long Clawson Dairy

Published31st October, 2013

“We have a mass of equipment on site here, and I can honestly say the sleeve printer is one of the most reliable. We use it for coding sleeves and boxes for our own brands and supermarket retail ranges. It’s a simple, functional machine and exactly what we need for coding the wide variety of lines that we produce.” Mark Ursell, Site Manager

An offline semi-automatic sleeve coder from PrintSafe gives internationally renowned cheese producer, Long Clawson Dairy Ltd, the flexibility to code a wide range of sleeves and boxes for its expanding retail product lines.

Long Clawson is well known for its Stilton and blended cheese products. The company has more than 30 products in its portfolio and operates from two sites, supplying supermarket retailers and independent stores as well as food service, wholesale and export markets.

The Bottesford site produces an expanding range of blended cheeses in many different formats. When the company launched a new product for a multiple retailer, Site Manager, Mark Ursell borrowed the existing  sleeve printer from the main Long Clawson site. He explains why he hasn’t given it back: “For me, the issue now is the number of different lines that we have to code. The packaging specifics mean that we can’t always code inline. The PrintSafe table-top system sits in our low risk area and is now used to code a wide variety of packs.

“Because it has been pre-programmed with different code scenarios for ease of use, my operators can just select the right code and make simple adjustments to the feeding system to change it for the different sleeve and carton sizes. We code the sleeves and boxes in advance enabling the efficient use of the operators’ time on the packing lines”.

With increased production for the Christmas period, the coding system continues to prove its worth on additional bespoke lines. Mark Ursell says, “As we come into November, production will increase with a variety of product launches. In fact, we’ve just launched a new range  into one of our customers and are using the machine to code the sleeves.”

Supply to customers is Mark’s  main priority so he needs machinery that he can rely on. He says,

“I would be completely happy to recommend PrintSafe, both for the service they provide as well as the simplicity and reliability of the machine. I had a situation recently where a retailer’s artwork was delayed  in coming in to us. PrintSafe made sure we had an engineer on site swith us on the day we needed them to set the programme up and check that the sleeves were going through properly. PrintSafe are proactive and I really appreciate that in the ever-changing environment we operate in.” Mark Ursell, Site Manager