Whistling Chef Gathers Steam With Automatic Date Coding System

Published1st July, 2013

“It has saved us a tremendous amount of time and really helped us to achieve the efficiencies we need to cope with growing demand…”


Ready meal company S&R Foods’, Whistling Chef brand is just a little bit different.  For a start, not many ready meals have featured on ‘Have I Got News For You’. You can see a clip here.

Whistling Chef meals have an extended shelf life of 30 days, with each meal effectively a mini pressure cooker. They are individually packed and sealed prior to cooking and have a patented valve on the film which makes a whistling sound during reheat – so that consumers now the meal is ready to eat.

These inventive meals are going from strength to strength in the market.  As a result S&R Foods have been looking for ways to increase throughput.

Part of the vital increase in production speed has come from the installation of an automatic sleeve feeding and date coding system for printing date codes onto the ready meal packaging. Installed by PrintSafe, this simple standalone system has made a huge difference to S&R’s ability to meet demand profitably.

This is what Commercial Director, Assad Hussein said:

“We’ve had a great experience with the date coding system. It has saved us a tremendous amount of time and really helped us achieve the efficiencies that we needed to cope with growing demands.  This extra speed, in conjunction with the superb level of service has made the production experience a whole lot easier.” Assad Hussain, Commercial Director, S & R Foods