Sleeve & Carton Coding

Print crisp retail-ready expiry dates, batch numbers and other variable data on your sleeves, cartons, pouches and other packaging.

Retailers’ shelves are full of goods packaged in sleeves or cartons. These are often printed with product information, ingredient information and nutritional labelling, as well as product images and branding.

Often there is limited space for the necessary expiry and batch codes that you need to print as part of your production process.

Our high-speed continuous inkjet and thermal inkjet systems are used to print this information on packs as they move along the production line. The non-contact print method and fast-drying inks give you a clear retail-ready code.

When in-line coding is not an option, a sleeve and carton feeder can give you a cost-saving alternative to more manual methods. The stack-to-stack feeding and coding machine give you a quick and accurate way of printing high-quality codes on your packs.

This off-line system is particularly useful if you want to print codes on different pack sizes using a single machine. You can also use it with a printer and label applicator for applying promotional labels at the same time as variable data printing.

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udaFORMAXX ‘i’ Sleeve and Carton Feeder

The udaFORMAXX sleeve and carton feeder gives you the ability to code (and label) your sleeves or cartons ready for production. Flat-form packs are fed automatically from stack to stack past your choice of coder. Typical speeds range from 150 – 500 packs per minute.

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udaFORMAXX ‘c’ Sleeve and Carton Feeder

The FORMAXX 'c' is a broad belt conveyor version of the popular udaFORMAXX. Perfect for sleeves, cartons, pouches and other packaging where the full surface area needs to be available to print. It can also be used for coding outer cases.

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alphaJET MONDO Basic CIJ

Designed for Food and FMCG companies, the IP65 rated alphaJET MONDO continuous inkjet coder (CIJ) is straightforward and easy to use. It is ideal for printing simple date codes or batch codes on sleeves or cartons. Integration with the udaFORMAXX feeding system gives you a complete high-speed coding option.

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Thermal Inkjet Coders

Thermal inkjet is a high-speed, low-maintenance option that gives you a reliable, high quality print. With new inks now available it is suitable for porous and non-porous surfaces. When integrated with the udaFORMAXX feeding system, it gives you a complete system for high-speed, high-quality coding.

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