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Spare Parts Service

Genuine parts and spares for Koenig & Bauer coding equipment.

Spares Held in Stock for Next Day Delivery

To ensure optimum performance of your Koenig & Bauer Coding equipment, we recommend that you use only genuine parts and spares from PrintSafe. We hold a wide range of spare parts in stock, available for next day delivery. You can buy parts individually or they are available at a discount as a complete spares kit.

Spares Kits

Spares kits are available for all of the alphaJET continuous inkjet printers as well as the udaFORMAXX sleeve and carton feeders. For mission critical printers, we suggest our ‘Critical Spares Kits’. We also offer ‘Essential Spares Kits’ and ‘Belts Sets’ for the udaFORMAXX.

Spares Available for Current Machinery Models:

  • udaFORMAXX (‘I’ and ‘C’)
  • alphaJET 5 (HS, SP, HS-M, X, X-FP)
  • alphaJET mondo
  • alphaJET into
  • alphaJET evo, tempo, pico
  • hpdSYSTEM vario, nano, magno
  • ttPRINT xs, inline, ML

To order spares, please contact us on 01962 761761 or you can email [email protected]