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alphaJET 5 X-FP

  • Intuitive smartphone-style menu
  • Extensive ink range
  • Prints up to 8 lines (48 dots)

The alphaJET 5 X-FP is a striking addition to the alphaJET 5 range. The 55µm nozzle gives you precise print, even at faster line speeds.

Technical Specification


Line speed at 2.5mm character width 460 m/min
Max. lines 8
Print height max. (dots) 48

Print head

Nozzle size 55 µm
Active Ink Flow Yes
Smart Start Technology Yes
Nozzle closure Yes
Supply hose length 4m / 6m


Housing (H x W x L;mm) 620 x 320 x 321, 23 kg
Print head (H x W x L;mm) 190 x 47 x 40, 2 kg


alphaJET Continuous Inkjet Overview

What Our Customers Say...

Your printers are excellent and the support you have given us is first class. You and the team are a pleasure to work with. Proper customer service which is sadly lacking in many places these days.

Andy Parkinson

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