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Hot Foil Coders

Hot foil is a contact coding method. Brass or steel characters are heated and stamped (using air pressure) through a foil ribbon onto the product, pack or label to deliver a crisp print.

hpdSYSTEM hot foil coders deliver quick value. Their long lifetime, low maintenance and absolute reliability make them one of the most economical coding technologies available.

hpdSYSTEM vario Hot Foil Coder

  • Up to 1000 prints/minute
  • Print area 30mm x 50mm
  • Standard dimensions for easy integration in existing machinery

Looking for a hot foil coder to integrate with your production machinery? The hpdSYSTEM vario’s standard dimensions mean it can often be fitted to an existing coder mount.

hpdSYSTEM nano Hot Foil Coder

  • Up to 500 prints/minute
  • Print area 15mm x 30mm
  • Compact dimensions for easy integration in packaging machinery

The compact hpdSYSTEM nano hot foil coder is designed for integration with labellers and other packaging machinery. It is available in vertical and horizontal models. The horizontal model is available in right- or left-hand orientation.

hpdSYSTEM magno Hot Foil Coder

  • Up to 200 prints/minute
  • Print area 50mm x 80mm
  • Edge mounted to print to the edge of the product

With a 50 x 80 mm print area, the hpdSYSTEM magno has the largest print area of all hpdSYSTEM hot foil printers. What’s more, the edge-mounted print head means it can print to the very edge of your product.


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Get Print Samples

See what your printed code or message looks like on your product or pack. A great way to check print quality, see which ink colour gives you the best contrast and to check adhesion.