udaFORMAXX ‘c’ Sleeve and Carton Feeder

  • Batch numbering, date labelling or other variable data printing on cartons, blister cards, sleeves and pouches
  • Barcode and 2D code printing
  • Alternative to coding or labelling online, for non-standard products or where full automation is not in place
  • Overprinting generic packaging with product-specific details
  • Use as code printing and verification system
  • Reliably accurate print and label placement
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udaFORMAXX C Carton Feeder
udaFORMAXX C Carton Feeder Verification System
Carton Date Code Printing on udaFORMAXX C Carton Feeder
Carton Coding 2D Datamatrix Code Thermal Inkjet
udaFORMAXX C Carton Feeder
udaFORMAXX C Carton Feeder Verification System
Carton Date Code Printing on udaFORMAXX C Carton Feeder
Carton Coding 2D Datamatrix Code Thermal Inkjet

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Tech Spec

Versatile Off-Line Coding System

The udaFORMAXX ‘c’ carton feeder is a highly versatile feeding and coding machine that can handle a wide range of flat-form packaging. You can use it for date and batch printing, data matrix code printing and labelling. Packs are transported on a high-friction belt for accurate print or label positioning. The central feeding mechanism gives you flexibility to print on more complex Carton Feeder for Coding and Labelling Cartons, Sleeves, Blister Cardspackaging designs. There is no ‘dead area’ so you can print right up to the edge of the pack.

The carton feeder’s modular design also gives you the option to add a vision and reject system for code printing and verification.

Use For:

  • Printing expiry date and batch numbers on sleeves, cartons, blister cards, pouches
  • Accurate print positioning for linear barcodes and 2D codes
  • Off-line solution for medical and pharmaceutical carton coding requirements – including serialisation
  • Overprinting variable data, including product details and ingredients information
  • Coding different batches and pack sizes on a single machine
  • Coding and verification with integrated vision and reject system

Modular Design for Coding and Labelling Flexibility

The standalone machine can be used as a simple carton feeder and coding machine, with your choice of printer. Or you can add additional functionality over time with integration of an additional printer, label applicator or camera system.

For high-speed printing, you might choose a non-contact printer such as a cartridge-based thermal inkjet coder (TIJ).  With a TIJ, you can add up to 4 print heads for printing a large amount of information, or for printing in different locations on the same pack.

udaFORMAXX C Carton Feeder Verification System

You can choose to add:

  • Label applicator for applying pre-printed or print and apply labels
  • Camera inspection system for code checking
  • Reject station and vision system for full verification system
  • Additional printers for extra flexibility
  • Shingling conveyor for handling high-volumes

Technical Specification

Intermittent (cycles)-
ContinuousUp to 1000 pcs/min
Transport speed9-90 m/min
Width64 – 368 mm
Length45 – 430 mm
Thickness100 g/m² -7.5 mm
TransportBroad belt conveyor
Unprintable marginNo unprintable area
Display (multilingual)Standard
Print signals up to 4 systemsStandard
Product counter with autostopStandard
Signal beaconOptional
Print detectionOptional
Reject stationOptional
Shingling conveyorOptional
Control Systems
Double layer controlOptional
Camera systemsOptional
Operation Mode
Machine (mm)1300 x 680 x 362
Stacking outfeed (mm)626 x 520 x 300
Shingling conveyor (mm)1200 x 527 x 333
Machine 105 kg
Stacking outfeed 3.5 kg
Shingling (accumulator) conveyor 35 kg

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