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alphaJET 5 HS

  • Prints up to 4 lines, 24 dots
  • Line speed up 1300 m/min (600 at 2.5mm character width)
  • Smart Start print head technology for easy start-up and reduced cleaning

The alphaJET 5 HS sets the standard for high-speed industrial marking. It prints up to 4 lines and operates at a maximum line speed of 1300 m/minute (600 m/minute at 2.5mm character width).

Technical Specification


Line speed max. 1,300 m/min
Line speed at 2.5mm character width 600 m/min
Max. lines 4
Print height max. (dots) 24

Print head

Nozzle size 50 µm
Active Ink Flow Yes
Smart Start Technology Yes
Nozzle closure Yes
Supply hose length 4m


Standard Yes
High-contrast Yes
Specialist Yes


Touchscreen Yes
Camera interface Yes
Code-M software Yes
Process-specific software Yes


Protection class IP 65
Cooling function Yes
RE-SOLVE Ultra solvent recovery Yes

Dimensions (H x W x L; mm)

Housing 592 x 320 x 320
Print head 190 x 47 x 40


alphaJET 5 Data Sheet

alphaJET 5 Brochure

What Our Customers Say...

Great machine – very user friendly, we had about 6 people running it at high speeds throughout the project, all with positive feedback about its capabilities. I would highly recommend PrintSafe as a company: the label machine we rented was brilliant and the support and service were second to none, with great communication throughout the project.

Tom Jackson, Engineering Manager

Medica Packaging