Wire & Cable Marking

We can help you with reliable printers and specialist inks for wire and cable marking. Find the right printers and inks for marking during extrusion, sheathing, processing or rewind.

Precision and Speed with alphaJET Continuous Inkjets

alphaJET inkjets are used worldwide in wire and cable marking applications. Pigmented and UV curable inks provide high contrast marks that don’t transfer on contact. The icon-based menu, drag and drop editor and large touchscreen offer ‘smartphone-style’ simplicity.

alphaJET inkjets include most of the features you need as standard – including distance measurement. Additional software is available for feet to meter (and vice versa) conversion, cutting signal and text distribution for meter marking.

alphaJET continuous inkjet printers can be integrated with most Schleuniger and Komax cut and strip machines.

  • Codes that resist transfer on a coiled spool
  • High-speed coding for fast rewind speeds
  • Print TrueType fonts at speed
  • Print 2D codes, alphanumeric text and logos
  • Proven inks for marking silicone
  • Distance measurement and metre marking
  • Proven measurement accuracy, even at high speeds
  • Integration with Schleuniger and Komax equipment
  • Bright, legible codes that stand out on dark and coloured substrates
  • Clear marks that survive heat, moisture and other production challenges
  • High-adhesion inks for most sheathed cable variants, including PVC, PVC-LSOH, HDPE, HFFR and XLPE

I have been dealing with PrintSafe for three years. I cannot fault their service. I wanted to set the printers up in an unconventional manner and the continued determination by the installation team to get my desired outcome was superb.

Process Engineer Global Cable Manufacturer

The printer is running well, over 3 million prints without a fault. We are printing on white silicone cable and getting very good adhesion results at 400m per minute.

Maintenance Manager UK Cable Manufacturer

Coding Equipment For Wire and Cable Marking

  • Marking extruded cable before cooling
  • Printing on fibre optic cable after extrusion or bonding
  • Marking multi-core cables before and after sheathing
  • Marking during cut, strip and crimp processes
  • Printing on ambient cable during high-speed rewind

alphaJET INTO Advanced CIJ

The alphaJET into continuous inkjet (CIJ) is a versatile printer that will take you from printing simple alphanumeric text all the way through to precision data matrix coding, with a wide range of inks available. The stainless steel housing is IP65 rated, ensuring performance and longevity even in harsh, high-humidity and dusty production environments.

alphaJET EVO Specialist CIJ

The alphaJET evo is an advanced inkjet coder that prints up to 8 lines of high resolution text, numbers or graphics. The removable touchscreen display gives you more flexibility for integration into existing machinery. Wide range of specialist inks available.

alphaJET TEMPO High-Speed CIJ

The alphaJET tempo is a high-speed inkjet printer, ideal for precision printing during cable rewind.

alphaJET PICO Micro-Print CIJ

The alphaJET pico prints tiny fonts, bar codes and 2d data matrix codes with excellent readability. Print height 0.7- 10 mm. Maximum speed 695m/minute.

hpdSYSTEM vario Hot Foil Printer

The hpdSYSTEM vario hot foil printer is capable of up to 1000 prints per minute. With standard dimensions it can often be fitted to an existing hot foil coder mount.