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udaFORMAXX Sleeve & Carton Feeders

The accurate alternative to costly manual carton coding or labelling

With a udaFORMAXX carton feeder, you can print batch codes on cartons and sleeves with pinpoint accuracy. The machines are fast, so you can code thousands of packs in an hour.

udaFORMAXX c Sleeve & Carton Feeder

  • Suitable for sleeves, cartons, pouches, blister cards and single sheets
  • Accurate print and label placement
  • Provides all-in-one coding, labelling and verification system

Looking for an alternative way to code or label your flat-form cartons? The udaFORMAXX is a good half-way house between manual coding and full automation.

udaFORMAXX i Sleeve & Carton Feeder

Similar to the udaFORMAXX ‘C’, the udaFORMAXX ‘I’ uses a slightly different method to feed your packs for coding or labelling. Ideal for folding cartons, cardboard sleeves and some pouches.

udaFORMAXX c Coding & Inspection System

  • Modular feeding system for controlled coding, labelling and inspection
  • Suitable for folding cartons crash lock cartons, insert cards, sachets
  • Use for rework, short runs or hand packing lines
  • Integrate your choice of printer or label applicator


udaFORMAXX Brochure

Case Study: Carton Coding for DMW Logistics

Case Study: Pouch Coding for Cruga Biltong

Case Study: Carton Labelling for Totally Wicked

Get Print Samples

See what your printed code or message looks like on your product or pack. A great way to check print quality, see which ink colour gives you the best contrast and to check adhesion.