Date, Batch and Lot Code Printing

With a range of coding equipment options available, we can help you find the right machine for printing date codes, batch numbers and other variable data on your product or packaging.

Continuous Inkjet Printing

Continuous inkjet is a non-contact printing method that offers flexibility for printing on a wide range of packaging and product types. The printers can run at high speeds and ink dries almost instantly.

One of the benefits of continuous inkjet is the wide range of inks available. For most date or batch coding needs, we recommend standard black or coloured inks. However, we can also supply specialist inks such as UV fluorescing, colour change or inks that will withstand a sterilisation process.

Thermal Inkjet Printing

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) is a popular choice for date and batch code printing on sleeves and cartons. It is also suitable for other materials, such as plastic bottles, tubs and even some building materials.

Thermal inkjet is a cartridge-based system that is very low maintenance. It provides a high resolution print that is ideal for bar codes and 2D codes.

Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal transfer printers tend to be used for printing on flexible film and foil. We also fit them on our sleeve and carton feeding machines for customers who need to print a lot of information, or who want the solid print.

Thermal transfer relies on contact with the substrate so is only suitable for a flat surface. A big advantage is the number of different ribbon types and colours available.

Sleeve and Carton Coding

You can use a sleeve and carton feeding machine with your choice of coder to print date codes and batch numbers on cartons, sleeves and blister cards. You can print around 150-250 packs per minute ready for production.

Customers use our sleeve and carton coding systems for packs that they can’t code as part of inline production – often date code printing on tens of thousands of packs per day.

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Thermal Inkjet Coders

Thermal inkjet gives you a flexible coding method that is fast and reliable. The high-resolution print is suitable for linear bar codes, 2D codes and symbols as well as text and numbers.

Thermal Transfer Printers

From component marking to food packaging printing, our date code and batch printing equipment is used by companies throughout the UK and Ireland to print batch numbers, expiry dates and other unique product identification details on a whole host of different substrates. Print Date Codes and Batch Numbers on Your Packaging You may want to print a […]

udaFORMAXX Sleeve & Carton Feeders

You can use udaFORMAXX sleeve and carton feeders for fast, accurate off-line coding. Use with thermal inkjet, continuous inkjet, thermal transfer or hot foil. Ideal for coding sleeves, cartons, blister cards and some pouches.