Sleeve and Carton Feeders

Sleeve and carton feeders deliver cost-saving throughput and print accuracy for coding sleeves, cartons, blister cards and pouches ‘offline’. You can add your choice of printer to apply date codes, batch codes or other product information. You can also add a label applicator for spot labels.

There are two different models available: the udaFORMAXX ‘i’ with narrow belt-grip feeding mechanism and the udaFORMAXX ‘c’ with a central broad-belt conveyor.

  • Belt speed 9-90m/min (average throughput 250 packs per minute)
  • Pack width 30-450 mm
  • Pack length 45-500 mm
  • Narrow belt grip or central conveyor-feed options
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Sleeve and Carton Feeders
View More udaFORMAXX-i

udaFORMAXX ‘i’ Sleeve and Carton Feeder

Belt-grip high-speed friction feeder for accurate coding and labelling of your sleeves, cartons or other packaging.

View More udaFORMAXX-c 280 x 146

udaFORMAXX ‘c’ Sleeve and Carton Feeder

This broad-belt sleeve feeder uses a sticky belt to transport sleeves, cartons and pouches for coding or labelling.

View More udaFORMAXX with Label Applicator

udaFORMAXX and Label Applicator

Fit a label applicator to your sleeve and carton feeder to apply flash labels or print-and-apply-labels.

View More Modular Shingling Conveyor for udaFORMAXX

Shingling Conveyor

Available as an additional module for the udaFORMAXX, the variable speed shingling conveyor neatly collates your coded packs.