Plant Passport and Traceability Printing

With an alphaJET continuous inkjet, you can print plant passport information and traceability details directly on plant pots. Print alphanumeric text, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes and simple graphics.

Printing Plant Passport Details

Using a continuous inkjet printer, you can print plant passport details directly on each individual pot or tray. There is no risk of losing stock cards or of labels coming off. You can position the print head next to the pots on a transport conveyor or on a potting machine, as long as there is enough space and access.

EU Plant Passport layout guidelines offer a reasonable amount of flexibility as long as you include the required elements. The passport details must also be easily distinguishable from other information. The print must be easily readable at a glance.

The Plant Passport Should Include:

  • EU flag in upper left corner (colour or black and white)
  • The words "Plant Passport" in the upper right corner
  • 'A' + genus and species
  • 'B' + ISO code of the member state phytosanitary registration number
  • 'C' + Batch number or traceability code (where required)
  • 'D' + ISO code for the country of origin/production

Printing Traceability Information

You can use an alphaJET CIJ to print variable data on your plant pots for both internal and external traceability requirements.

You can print simple alphanumeric batch numbers as well as machine readable linear and 2D bar codes.

Continuous Inkjet Printing

Continuous inkjet is a non-contact printing method that gives you flexibility for printing on different sized pots and uneven surfaces. Print dries in seconds, giving you clear text that lasts.

You can print in black ink on a number of different pot colours and get good contrast. If you need to print on black pots, you will need to look at white or another light-coloured ink, such as grey, yellow or light blue.

Key Benefits of alphaJET Continuous Inkjet Printers

  • IP65 rated as standard for wet or dusty environments
  • Touchscreen with icon-based menu system that is very easy to use
  • RE-SOLVE Ultra efficient solvent recovery system for lower consumption and very low odour
  • Compact print head for easy integration with other machinery
  • Wide range of standard and specialist inks available