Wire and Cable Marking

Coding equipment for the cable and wire manufacturing industries needs to perform reliably to print high quality, high adhesion codes and minimize costly downtime and restarts. Applications frequently require a combination of high speed and precision.

alphaJET inkjets are used worldwide in cable and wire marking applications. Pigmented and UV curable inks provide high contrast marks that don’t transfer on contact. Intuitive operation means that you can change messages in just a couple of ‘clicks’ for continuous coding at high production speeds.

alphaJET inkjets give you:

  • Clear marks that survive heat, moisture and other challenges in the production process
  • Codes that resist transfer on a coiled spool
  • High-speed coding for fast rewind speeds
  • Bright, legible codes that stand out on dark and coloured surfaces
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen for quick message changeover
  • High adhesion inks suitable for most sheathed cable variants, including PVC, PVC-LSOH, HDPE, HFFR and XLPE

alphaJET Inkjets for Cable and Wire Marking

alphaJET PICO Micro-Print CIJ

With its 42 µm nozzle, the alphaJET pico, is ideal for printing clear, legible codes and graphics on optical fibres. A specially created white opaque ink can be used for printing on darker substrates.

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alphaJET TEMPO High-Speed CIJ

The alphaJET tempo, high-speed inkjet, is used worldwide by wire and cable manufacturers. It offers speeds of up to 11m/second, significantly increasing rewind throughput. A range of light blue inks are visible on most plastic sheathed cable and fibre products - avoiding switch over between black and white (or other pigmented) systems.

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alphaJET EVO Advanced CIJ

The alphaJET evo prints high quality text, graphics and 2d data matrix codes at fast production speeds. High-adhesion and pigmented inks ensure bright, legible codes that resist transfer on PVC, PE and other wire coatings.

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alphaJET DUO Twin-Head CIJ

With the alphaJET DUO you can mark you cables with two different colours or specialist inks. You can also print in two locations. The alphaJET DUO can be used for ring marking on thinner cables.

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