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Home Insights E-Liquid Batch and Date Printing

E-Liquid Batch and Date Printing

With the requirement to print a batch number on the ‘smallest individual packaging’, we have been helping e-liquid manufacturers to print good quality, legible codes while avoiding too much impact on production processes.

Printing on Your Bottles

One of the simplest options, used by many of our customers, is to print a batch number on  bottle caps. You can do this on 10ml bottles as well as on  larger short fills. You can also choose to print the batch number just under the label towards the base of your bottles. Another option is to print the batch number on the bottle label itself – just before it is applied. Some customers even do both.

Printing Batch and Expiry Dates on Your Cartons

Some customers choose to print batch number and other product details on cartons or multi-packs. This can normally be achieved with a printer mounted to a conveyor. This will give you a clear print, on the base or side of the carton.

Alternatively, we can provide a semi-automatic system for printing batch details on cartons before they are erected and filled. You would load a stack of cartons into an in-feed hopper and the machine transports them under the print head or label applicator. This is a useful alternative to a conveyor and gives you very accurate print or label placement.

Benefits of Small Character Continuous Inkjet Printing

Continuous inkjet printing is the quickest, most effective method for printing batch or expiry date information on your bottles. It is a non-contact print method, ideal for printing on curved or uneven surfaces. The ink dries almost instantly so you will get a clear, crisp print.

You can print in black on light substrates. If your bottles are a dark colour, or even if you simply prefer a different coloured ink, there are plenty of options available. Light grey and light blue work well for being able to print on both dark and light bottle caps with the same printer.

You can also use continuous inkjet for printing on cartons. This option is ideal if you want to print batch number and expiry date on the cartons ready for each batch, rather than having to pre-print them.