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Home Insights High 5s at Brioche Pasquier

High 5s at Brioche Pasquier

PrintSafe recently installed alphaJET 5 HS-M continuous inkjet printers at bakery company, Brioche Pasquier’s UK manufacturing site. The machines are used for printing best before and production details onto brioche packaging.

We spoke to Maintenance Manager, Janis Cerpins, about why he chose the alphaJET 5 HS-M printers and about his experience so far of working with PrintSafe:

Q. What prompted you to go out to the market for new continuous inkjet printers?
A. We were looking to improve the existing installation alongside seeking any new innovations available on the market to improve the cost efficiency and energy consumption of our production process. We had to find technology that would be very simple for operators to use and mechanically reliable.

Q. What made you decide to work with PrintSafe?
After trials of the equipment during production, the printer proved itself to be very reliable and cost efficient with regards to consumables and maintenance.

Q. What, in particular, do you like about the printers?
A. For sure, the efficiency of consumable materials – the low running costs. We also liked the simplicity of the operational functions.

Q. How have you found working with PrintSafe?
The process has been very reliable and straight forward with people that are proud of their product and company. They are customer-driven and motivated to help clients achieve the best goal. They also offer high-quality training and support to help achieve that.

The alphaJET 5 HS-M is the latest continuous inkjet printer from Koenig & Bauer Coding. The printer gives you excellent print quality with easy operation and low running costs. You can find out more here.