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Home Insights Success Story: Rapid 48-Hour Turnaround at PrintSafe

Success Story: Rapid 48-Hour Turnaround at PrintSafe

On a Tuesday, we received an urgent email enquiry via our website from a customer who manufactures supplements for brand owners and the NHS. They faced a critical situation where a backlog was causing significant delays around date coding. With capital expenditure approval challenges, the customer expressed a preference for a rent-to-buy option. They needed a reliable system to print batch and expiry codes on cartons, specifically on a four-pack configuration using inkjets, aiming for a throughput of 1,000 per hour.

Understanding the urgency, our team swiftly proposed the Koenig & Bauer Coding udaFORMAXX combined with the alphaJet HS-M Continuous Inkjet Printer. By the same afternoon, we provided a detailed proposal and quotation after reviewing the application pictures.

In just 48 hours from the initial enquiry, we transformed the customer’s challenge into a success: On the second day, we arranged a free equipment demonstration and carton feed testing here in the demonstration room at PrintSafe HQ in Hampshire. We ensured all rental documentation and safety information were in place promptly. By Thursday, we installed the equipment at their Midlands-based packing site and trained their operators on its use.

Our team’s efficiency and commitment to rapid response made this impressive turnaround possible. We maintained consistent communication, checking in to ensure everything was running smoothly. The customer reported excellent performance, and we are now extending the rental period.

This success story underlines our dedication to providing effective solutions through unparalleled teamwork, efficiency, and support. At PrintSafe, we transform urgent needs into seamless operations within remarkably short timeframes.

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