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Home Products alphaJET pico Small Character Continuous Inkjet Printer

alphaJET pico Small Character Continuous Inkjet Printer

  • 5 lines
  • 0.7-10 mm print height
  • 695 m/min (2.5mm character width)

The alphaJET pico small character continuous inkjet printer is designed for applications where the print needs to be extra-small yet pin-sharp. The print height range is 0.7 to 10mm and it can print at up to 695 metres/minute (with a 2.5mm character width). While ink colours are limited to black or white, the range includes specialist inks for printing on PVC as well as MEK-free inks, high-adhesion and condensation-resistant inks.

Technical Specification


Max. number of pixels (vertical) 32
Max. printable lines (5x5 Matrix) 5
Font height (mm) 0.7-10
Max. line speed 1300 m/min
Max. speed 2.5 mm character width 695 m/min
Nozzle size 42µm
Dye-based ink Yes
Pigmented ink Yes

Text composition

Counter (with autostop) and time functions Standard
DataMatrix, QR-Codes, Barcodes, DotCodes Standard
Symbols and logos (BMP format) Standard
Remote textswitch, text lists Standard
Distance measurement Standard
Optional customised software Yes

Production environment

Protection class IP 65
Ambient temperature 5 - 45 °C


Housing (H x W x L; mm) with terminal 700 x 320 x 320
Housing (H x W x L; mm) without terminal 510 x 320 x 320
Control terminal (H x W x L; mm) 232 x 300 x 66
Umbilical 4 m / 6 m optional
Print head (H x W x L; mm) 145 x 40 x 40


Housing with terminal 31 kg
Housing without terminal 26 kg
Control terminal 2.5 kg
Print head incl. umbilical 2 kg


Network (TCP/IP) Standard
RS 232 Standard
USB (file management) Standard
Digital I/O port 8/4
Volt-free programmable alarm relay Standard
4-colour signal beacon Optional
Remote socket Optional

Power requirements

Mains voltage (AC) 86 - 264 V ± 10 %
Power consumption (max.) 0.5 A/230 V; 1 A/110 V

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the alphaJET pico to print human and machine-readable data, including batch details, production data and product identification.

The alphaJET pico is often used for printing on optic fibre, fine wire and cable. Because of the smaller nozzle, the inks available are more limited than for other alphaJET printers, but do include options for printing on polyurethane, styrene-based substrates, PVC, metal and glass.

The alphaJET pico ink range includes black and white inks. The black inks include: standard, high-contrast, MEK-free, condensation resistant, heat curing, oil-penetrating and freon black. There is also a pigmented white.

alphaJET pico inks and solvents are supplied in 1 litre bottles. These are simple to install in the printer. They sit upright inside the door and connect very easily from the top of the bottle.

Continuous inkjet printing relies on product movement to trigger the print. It is normal for the print head to be mounted over (or next to) a section of conveyor or integrated into packaging or production machinery. If your production line runs at a variable speed (not fixed) you may also need a separate encoder to make sure your print length is not affected. Where the alphaJET pico is used in wire and cable applications, it is commonly integrated with Schleuniger or Komax cut, strip and terminate equipment.


alphaJET continuous inkjet brochure

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