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Home Insights Custom Green CIJ Ink for Vacuum Cleaner Company

Custom Green CIJ Ink for Vacuum Cleaner Company

Koenig & Bauer Coding GmbH recently developed a green ink to match corporate colours for a household name vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

Green ink for alphaJET continuous inkjet (CIJ)

The company is using an alphaJET continuous inkjet printer to mark dust bags with a combination of logo and product details. This allows the bags to be identified even without their packaging and prevents the wrong product being used. It also makes re-buying easier for the customer.

As well as being exactly the right shade of green, the ink is designed to deliver a precise print on paper and paper-mix substrates. This new ink is available for the alphaJET 5 continuous inkjet. You can find more information about the alphaJET 5 here.