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Home Insights Fast start-up. On-screen ‘Help’. What else is new in the alphaJET 5?

Fast start-up. On-screen 'Help'. What else is new in the alphaJET 5?

The alphaJET 5 generation continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers, launched by Koenig & Bauer in 2020, offer new features for ease of use and efficiency. Familiar to customers with an alphaJET evo, pico, tempo or into, the alphaJET 5 printers offer some important advantages.

alphaJET 5 Continuous Inkjet Printer with Smart Start Print Head

SmartStart technology

This describes a combination of print head improvements for consistent print quality and reliable start-up, even after a prolonged period without use. The automatic nozzle shutter and inbuilt nozzle and gutter cleaning keep the printhead clean, preventing ink from drying out and making start-up super-fast.

alphaJET 5 CIJ Print Head

Active Ink Flow technology

With print head heating and automatic adjustment, this gives you a precise and constant ink stream, even in changing environmental conditions.

On-Screen help, wizards and manuals

The colour touchscreen menu, while still familiar, has been updated to include wizards for easy set-up and on-screen help so you no longer need to search around for manuals.

alphaJET 5 CIJ Screen Display

Replacing an older alphaJET?

The machine footprint is the same so you can put your new printers on the same stand or trolley. A special adaptor plate for the new print head means you can put it on your existing quick mount bracket.

alphaJET 5 CIJ Quickmount Adaptor


You can find out more about the alphaJET 5 range, including technical specifications HERE.