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Date Code Printers for Production, Expiry and Best Before Date Printing

Rent or Buy a Date Code Printer

We support customers throughout the UK and Ireland with high quality coding equipment and aftersales services.

We can help you select the most appropriate date code printer for your product, print requirement and production process. You can choose to rent or buy. Lease purchase options are also available.

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Continuous Inkjet Printers

Continuous Inkjet Coder Rental

We supply alphaJET continuous inkjet printers which are manufactured in Germany by Koenig & Bauer Coding GmbH.  Their simple menu system and colour touchscreen make them very easy to use. Continuous inkjets offer high-speed, non-contact printing for a whole range of different substrates.

If you are looking for a simple date code printer, the alphaJET mondo prints up to 5 lines in black ink. If you are need additional functionality, including the option for coloured or specialist inks, we would normally recommend the alphaJET into.

Sleeve & Carton Feeder for Date Code Printing on Sleeves, Cartons and Pouches

A sleeve and carton feeder (you can also feed pouches or other flat-form packs) gives you a way to print date codes quickly and accurately away from main production. Some of the biggest food manufacturing companies in the UK, use our carton feeding machines for accurate date-coding on cardboard sleeves for ready meal or other prepared food packs. Equally, carton feeders give you a way to automate date coding if you don’t yet have other automation in place.

Throughput depends on pack size but you can expect to be able to code around 150-200 packs per minute, with reliably accurate print placement.

udaFORMAXX sleeve and carton feeders are designed to accommodate more than one printer, printer and vision system or even a label applicator. Some manufacturers use the standalone machines for printing a date code and applying a label in one pass.


Suggested Products for Date Code Printing

alphaJET mondo Continuous Inkjet Printer

Print up to 5 lines of alphanumeric characters with this simple touchscreen continuous inkjet printer. This basic model in the alphaJET range offers lots of flexibility when compared with other entry-level continuous inkjets.

alphaJET into Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printer

The alphaJET into is the mid-range printer in the alphaJET CIJ range. It is suitable for industrial applications, retail packaging and high-speed production. Print date codes, batch codes, barcodes, 2D codes and logos. Available for dye-based and pigmented inks.

betaJET verso Thermal Inkjet

The betaJET verso thermal inkjet coder combines speed, quality print and high reliability. It uses high-resolution cartridge-based thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology for printing on both porous and non-porous materials.

udaFORMAXX c Sleeve & Carton Feeder

The udaFORMAXX c carton feeder separates and transports packs on a wide flat belt for offline coding or labelling. It can handle packs between 45-373 mm wide and 64 – 430mm long.


DMW Logistics Carton Batch Code Printing Case Study

Tom Parker Creamery Bottle Date & Batch Coding Case Study

alphaJET Continuous Inkjet Brochure

udaFORMAXX Brochure

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