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Date Code Printers

We can help you with a choice of date code printers for printing clear retail-quality expiry date information on a wide range of products and packaging.

We can install printers on your existing production or packaging machinery, or as part of a new production line. We also supply printers on our standalone udaFORMAXX sleeve and carton feeding machine for batch, date and barcode printing on sleeves, cartons, blister cards and pouches ‘off-line’ ready for packing.

  • Continuous inkjet printers for non-contact date code printing on a wide range of packaging
  • Thermal inkjet printers for printing date codes, batch codes, 2D codes, 1D codes and simple graphics
  • Thermal transfer printers for date code printing on flexible packaging
  • Sleeve and carton feeders for date code printing off-line

Thermal Inkjet Coders

Thermal inkjet coders offer high-resolution, cartridge-based batch code printing. Ideal if you need to print a combination of text and 2D or 1D codes.

Thermal Transfer Printers

Thermal transfer printers can be used for bold print on flexible packaging - especially for integration with packaging machines and labellers.

udaFORMAXX Sleeve & Carton Feeders

You can use a sleeve and carton feeder with your choice of batch code printer for off-line coding of sleeves, cartons and blister cards.