Continuous Inkjet Coder Rental Helps Devon Dairy

A Tight Spot

A Devon dairy that supplies fresh dairy drinks and long-life milks to the UK’s major supermarkets was put in a tight spot when a number of its existing continuous inkjet printers were down.

4-Week Rental Does the Job

With orders still having to go out of the door, the company needed something to tide it over until its existing inkjet supplier could install replacement date coding machines.

PrintSafe supplied two rental inkjets on a short 4-week hire.  The dairy’s Engineering Supervisor said:

“The team at PrintSafe provided a very fast and efficient service when we had been let down by our usual supplier. We hired two printers from them which both arrived promptly and were installed by their technician who also trained our operators on how to use the machines. The coders were great quality and never let us down or caused any issues in the 4 weeks we had them on hire.”

Need Something in a Hurry?

Our rental service is a great option if you need something in a hurry or for a limited period of time. We can also offer longer-term rental for seasonal production or trial products. You can find out more at Coding Equipment Rental.

Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash