Date and Batch Code Printer Rental

Rent a date code printer or carton feeder for seasonal production, new product trials or to tide you over until your new machinery is installed.

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Quick and Simple

Our date and batch code printer rental service gives you a simple way to get coding equipment in place without committing capital. It’s also a great way to ‘try before you buy’ if you want to test a new process.

Standard rental machinery includes continuous inkjet coders and sleeve and carton feeders. We can supply  carton feeders with continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet or thermal transfer coder depending on your throughput and/or print requirements.*

You can hire machinery by the month or for longer periods. Should you decide to purchase new machinery from us, we’ll refund up to 8 weeks’ rental charges against your purchase.

* Subject to availability.

Main Benefits

  • Short and long-term rental options
  • No capital commitment
  • Simple monthly rental charge
  • Free technical support via our helpdesk
  • Operator training during installation
  • Refund of up to 8 weeks' rental against machinery purchase

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Rental

When you rent a continuous inkjet coder from us, you get a modern touchscreen printer that’s easy for operators to use.  The menu system is icon-based and simple to learn. All printers are IP65 rated, making them suitable for damp or dusty production environments. Some models have heated print heads for consistent print quality in non-ambient conditions.

Sleeve & Carton Feeder Rental

You can rent a sleeve & carton feeder for date and batch code printing on sleeves, cartons or pouches. These standalone systems are perfect for when you have lots of different batches and pack sizes. Or a seasonal product that you can’t code as part of main production. We normally supply the feeder with either continuous inkjet printer (for high throughput date coding) or thermal transfer printer (for larger amounts of information). Typical throughput is between 150-300 packs per minute.


What our customers say

The team at PrintSafe provided a very fast and efficient service when we had been let down by our usual supplier. We hired two printers from them which both arrived promptly and were installed by their technician who also trained our operators on how to use the machines.

Graham R

Dairy Company