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Continuous Inkjet Printers

Continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers combine speed and character legibility for printing variable data directly on the production line. With a continuous inkjet, you can print text, bar codes and logos on practically any material.

alphaJET printers offer a high degree of reliability in everyday production. With IP65 rating as standard, simple integration and excellent print quality, alphaJET inkjets deliver outstanding value.

alphaJET into

5 lines | 0.8-15mm print height | 460 m/m (2.5mm character width)

The alphaJET into is suitable for industrial applications, retail packaging and high-speed production. Print date codes, batch codes, barcodes, 2D codes and logos. Available for dye-based or pigmented inks.

alphaJET mondo

5 lines | 2-15mm print height | 385 m/m (2.5mm character width)

The alphaJET mondo perfectly combines performance, quality and lower cost. With its simple touchscreen menu and plug-in consumables, it is very easy to operate. Use to print date codes, batch codes, bar codes and 2D codes.

alphaJET evo

8 lines | 0.8-15mm print height | 460 m/m (2.5mm character width)

The alphaJET evo gives you the option to print up to 8 lines of sharp text, barcodes, 2D codes and logos, in even the most demanding environments. alphaJET printers are easy to integrate with production equipment thanks to the G-PRINT universal interface protocol.

alphaJET printers at a glance:


  • Network (TCP/IP)
  • RS232
  • USB (file-management)
  • Digital I/O port
  • Volt-free programmable alarm relay
  • 4-colour signal beacon (option)

Easy Operation

  • Colour touchscreen
  • Icon-based menu
  • Configurable user rights
  • Modular software with Code-M
  • Windows printer driver

Text Composition

  • Product counter (with auto-stop function), time functions
  • Global counter (for all print texts)
  • Data matrix codes, QR codes, bar codes, dot codes
  • Logos and simple images (BMP format)
  • Prompted fields (input prompt)
  • TrueType fonts (international language and character sets)

Machine Attributes

  • IP65 protection rating (dust-proof and protection against sprayed water)
  • RE-SOLVE Ultra solvent recovery system for low solvent consumption
  • Sophisticated user management

Free print sampling

Key Benefits of alphaJET Continuous Inkjet Printers

Simple Integration and Control
alphaJET continuous inkjet printers offer a choice of interfaces. All printers in the alpahJET range use the G-PRINT universal interface protocol, making it much simpler to integrate the printers into your existing production equipment. You can also centrally operate, monitor and control alphaJET printers using Code-M software.

Excellent Print Quality
alphaJET printers have been the fastest continuous inkjet printers on the market for years, offering excellent print quality for both smaller scale and high-speed coding applications.

High Contrast Printing
You can use alphaJET printers with pigmented inks. The large ink range also includes high-contrast inks, food-safe inks and high-adhesion inks.

Compact Dimensions
The small print head and long umbilical (up to 6m) make it easier to integrate alphaJET printers in even the tightest spaces. What’s more, alphaJET inkjets can print from above, from the side, at an angle or from below.