Industrial Inkjet Printers

Reliable in Even the Toughest Conditions

alphaJET IP65 industrial inkjet printers are designed for high-speed non-contact printing on almost any surface. Their rugged construction means that they run reliably even in the toughest conditions. With an industrial inkjet printer, you can print directly on practically any substrate, even where the surface is curved or uneven.

Colour Touchscreen Controls

The alphaJET’s colour touchscreen controls are incredibly easy for operators to use. You can use alphaJET industrial inkjets for printing machine readable codes, alphanumeric characters and even some simple logos. Print heights range from 0.7mm to 15mm.

Excellent Connectivity

alphaJET industrial inkjet printers also offer a number of connectivity options  (ethernet, RS232, remote socket, 15-way digital input/output socket) for centralised or remote control.

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Industrial Inkjet Printers alphaJET Continuous Inkjet RangealphaJET Industrial Inkjet Printers – Fast, Reliable Coding and Marking

  • Rugged IP65 construction
  • Simple, intuitive operation on a large touchscreen display
  • Huge ink range including opaque coloured, fuel resistant, UV readable and UV curable
  • Complete range of accessories for easy integration

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Industrial Inkjet alphaJET pico print samplealphaJET pico Industrial Inkjet for Micro-Print Applications

The alphaJET pico prints tiny fonts, bar codes and 2D data matrix codes with excellent readability. You can use the alphaJET pico with black ink or white opaque ink.

  • 42 micron nozzle for extra print clarity
  • Print height from 0.7mm – 10mm
  • Up to 32 pixels vertical
  • Print up to 5 lines

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Industrial Inkjet Printers alphaJET evo CIJ

alphaJET tempo Industrial Inkjet for High-Speed Applications

The alphaJET tempo offers high-speed coding and marking for cable printing, canning lines and other high-speed applications.

  • 600m/min with 2.5 mm character width
  • Max line speed 1300 m/min
  • 0.8 – 15mm print height
  • IP65 rating
  • Solvent recovery system

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Industrial inkjet printer alphaJET CIJ print sample serviceSample Printing Service

Why not take advantage of our free sample printing service. We will produce print samples on your product or packaging so that you can test feasibility or compare different print technologies and ink types.

We are able to test most products and inks in our sample workshop her at PrintSafe. For more unusual or specialist inks, we send samples to KBA-Metronic (equipment manufacturer) through their fast turnaround sample service.

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