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Application Stories

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EU Plant Passport Printing Directly on Plant Pots

Read how German potted plant producer, Velmans, is printing plant passports directly on pots with alphaJET printers from Koenig & Bauer Coding.

Biltong Company Customises Pouches with Offline Barcode Printing System

To reduce packaging costs, Cruga uses a range of generic pouches that it overprints with a bar code and data denoting product-specific information. The company is using a udaFORMAXX with ICE Zodiac thermal transfer printer.

Continuous Inkjet Coder Rental Helps Devon dairy

Read how PrintSafe’s continuous inkjet rental service helped a Devon dairy out of a tight spot when its existing date code printers weren’t working.

Continuous Inkjet Replaces Hand Stickering on Bakedin's Pots

Read how BakedIn is using an alphaJET mondo to print on plastic pots…